Breath-Taking Fight Scene

Shoul've Worn A Helmet For This Stunt

Should’ve Worn A Helmet For This Stunt

Taken into an American/European culural context, perhaps being a male-dancer will not make you so popular amongst the guys. However, in the Javanese wayang orang performances, Continue reading



Bedhoyo Kusuma Handrawina Dance

Bedhoyo Kusuma Handrawina Dance

This is definately the most beautiful dance I’ve seen so far… not only because of the aethetics of it, but also because of its connection to the Javanese Culture. Being a Bedhoyo dance, it is most likely performed after the performers have undergone a set of rituals (including fasting and praying) and is typically accompanied by ancient Javanese spirits. Continue reading

The Last Performance

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo… or affectionately known as Pak As passed away Tuesday, May 28 2013. He will be greatly missed and our heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends as well to the Palace of Surakarta (Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat… and most importantly, the Javanese arts and culture community.

Not only have we lost a caring brother who always made us laugh with his wits, but also a Continue reading