… And All Hell Breaks Loose

Cakil - The Little Giant

Cakil – The Little Giant

One of my favorite scenes in almost all wayang orang shows is the fight scenes betwen one of the Pandhawas and the small giants. These characters move in an absolute different way compared to all other characters in the show. The cakil moves in a very dynamic and energetic way and performers must master a set of techniques and skills before being able to play the Cakil character.

More importantly however, fight scenes involving the cakil represents one’s fight against their own impulses (character defect) such as greed, anger, and so on. What’s interesting is that the cakilsĀ are never killed (evidently, as they show up in almost every wayang orang performances)… but… are always defeted by their own Keris (Javanese daggers) when Arjuna throws them back at the cakils, badly injuring them in the chest or stomach. The philosophy behind it… for one, you will never be able to get rid of these defects as everone is born with them (everyone has a good side and a bad side); and two, you can however… recognize that you can and must take control of it before it controls you.


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