Beauty Is In The Lens of The Beholder

Wish I Knew Her Name

Wish I Knew Her Name

I guess one of the reasons why I enjoy photography is because I often have a hard time describing to my friends about how attractive this chick or that chick look like. Shamefully… although I believe it’s because boys will always be boys… I can easily recall and provide detailed description of a ‘handfull’ (hahaha.. get it?) physicall features of the females I bump into. However, although those… hummm… how do put this in an elegant way… jaw-dropping features, may stick in my memory for a long time, it is their presence that makes me fall in love. Well, ofcourse several physical features of certain sizes may make a girl hard not to get noticed, but that’s not what I’m talking about. It’s their… energy… or charisma, if you like that will stick with me for years. It is something that’s hard to be described in words… let alone tell your friends about it.

Although a photograph may not capture this presence, I hope this shot can somewhat tell you what I really mean…


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