The Show Must Go On

KRT Ismuri Puspowibakso

KRT Ismuri Puspowibakso

While it was obvious that God had other plans for the Maestro Pak Asmoro, the show must go on. The second day of the Wayang Orang Kusuma Handrawina Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat needed a new priest. And so, one of Pak As’ bestfriend, KRT Ismuri Puspowibakso was chosen to play Begawan Jati Pramana. As one of the best senior performer with decades of experience, and loaded with a bagfull of jokes and a witty sense of humour, Kanjeng Ismuri brought on stage one of the funniest Priest the audience have ever seen. Even the King and the Queen of the Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat had a great laugh during that scene.

If there were such thing as an afterlife, and that spirits of the dead smiling upon their loved ones were more than just a beautiful scene from a drama movie, than I am dead sure (excuse me for the pun… just can’t help it) that Pak As was rolling on the floor that day watching this particular scene.


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