The Last Performance

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo

KRMH Asmoro Hadi Kusumobudoyo… or affectionately known as Pak As passed away Tuesday, May 28 2013. He will be greatly missed and our heartfelt condolences go to his family and friends as well to the Palace of Surakarta (Karaton Surakarta Hadiningrat… and most importantly, the Javanese arts and culture community.

Not only have we lost a caring brother who always made us laugh with his wits, but also a great maestro who have put all his heart and soul into the Javanese art and culture.

His involvement and dedication to the Wayang Orang Kusuma Handrawina Karaton Surakarta performance had greatly contributed to the success of the two-night show, which was initiated by the Palace of Surakarta and performed as well as organized by Kusuma Handrawina, a Javanese arts and culture organization which Pak As belonged to.

His last perfomance was on the first night of the show, where he played as Begawan Jati Pramana. Although his character was a wise priest, he just could not help himself from adding witty and hilarious jokes which made the entire audience and performers crack up with laughter. A performance that we shall surely miss…

Rest In Peace, Pak As…


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