Ain’t No Nifty Fifty

THE DREAM LENS - Canon 50mm f/0.95

THE DREAM LENS – Canon 50mm f/0.95

Out of all the gadgets and every other belongings I have, this lens – along with the Canon Model 7 rangefinder it came with, is the one I price the most. Not only because of its rarity and the fact that it is four times faster than the human eye, but mostly because it is one of the very few belongings of my late grandfather that I have in my possession today. It was… if I am not mistaking, handed down to my aunt… and about ten years ago, I asked if I can ‘borrow’ it to take several shots.

Obviously, they did not realize how high the lens was (and is) valued in the photography world… and neither did I until recently. I took out the camera and to see if was still working, gave it a little clean… until I paid attention to the engraved specs on the inner part of the rim of the lens: 1 : 0.95 (that’s f/0.95). All these years, I never realized I had a pretty damn fast lens sitting in one of my drawers. So, I looked it up on the internet… apparently, there were only 20,000 made in the 60’s – 70’s (and possibly only less are around these days) and price reaches up to $ 2,000 today… and is predicted to continue to climb. There is no way I am going to give this baby back to my aunt… or to anyone else for that matter… hahaha.

The pics in next three following posts are shot with this lens.


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